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StlBx Storage, Shipping Container Sales and Modifications

Navy Blue Used 20' Shipping Container - XINU1665085

Navy Blue Used 20' Shipping Container - XINU1665085

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Once upon a time, there was a blue shipping container named Xines who had spent his whole life travelling the vast oceans alone. Xines was like the lonely old dog at the animal shelter, carrying a heart brimming with love and a story to share, just waiting for someone to adopt him.

Xines had witnessed everything throughout his life, from freezing Arctic seas to balmy tropical paradises. He transported countless treasures but always felt an emptiness within. Like that old, loyal canine longing for a loving family, Xines yearned for a new owner to care for him.

One day, as Xines sat at the harbour, he observed seagulls soaring and squawking overhead, thinking, "I wish I had someone to play games with or scrub and polish me. Oh, the memories we could create together!" This thought brought both joy and sadness to his slightly rusty blue frame.

As the sun descended, a young couple walked along the pier, admiring the numerous containers lined up like a disciplined row of soldiers. They spotted Xines resting there with a touch of rust and a sense of sorrow in his steel structure. The couple felt a bond with this forlorn, aged blue container, drawn to him like they would be to an old dog with soulful eyes at the park.

The couple decided to give Xines a new lease on life. They repurposed him into a charming, environmentally friendly home, infusing his interior with laughter, affection, and the warmth of togetherness. Xines finally discovered his forever home, and his days of sailing the seas alone ended.

Now, as Xines gazes at the seagulls and senses the ocean breeze against his blue frame, he does so with a heart filled with love, confident that he's found his purpose - just like the elderly, wise dog who eventually found the perfect family to enjoy his twilight years with. And they all lived happily ever after.

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Delivery Guide

Please make sure to take delivery into consideration when ordering your shipping container.

We deliver by tilt-deck flatbed trucks. That means we load the containers onto a truck, back into the space where you'd like us to place and then we tilt the deck of our trailer or truck up and slide it off the back.

Check out the Stlbx complete shipping container delivery guide for more information on what to expect when your shipping container arrives.

shipping container delivery guide
  • Shipping

    Delivery rates are as follows:
    10' Standard Height - $95 per hour + 1 hour loading and offloading
    20' Standard Height - $115 per hour + 1 hour for loading and offloading.
    40' Standard Height - $145 per hour + 1 hour for loading and offloading.
    40' High Cube - $145 per hour + 1.5 hours loading and offloading.

    Tolls, ferry costs and weather or traffic delays are not included and are the responsibility of the buyer.

  • Returns

    StlBx offers a one-year guarantee on all of it's products excluding items labelled "As-Is".

    In the unlikely event that a container leaks, StlBx will repair the leak or pay to have it repaired within one year of the date of purchase. StlBx does not take any responsbility for leaks, flooding, condensation, mould or mildew buildup that could occur in a shipping container. It is the responsibility of the buyer to monitor, inspect and insure the goods or property within their shipping container. Under no circumstances will StlBx pay to replace or repair any items stored inside any shipping container bought, leased or rented from StlBx.

DIY Shipping Container Building Parts (no welding needed)

Not everyone is a welder and that's ok. If you can drill a hole, turn a screw, seal a gap and admire your work, you are just the right kind of person to do you own shipping container modifications. has wide variety of high-quality parts, materials, equipment and accessories specifically designed for shipping container projects like yours.

Everything you could ever need to build really cool, cost effective shipping container projects right here in our online store.

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Looking for shelving ideas?

The new Stlbx Shelf System installs in less than two minutes, requires no welding, screws or drilling and can hold up to 2000 lbs.

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Shipping Container Grade Overview

New shipping containers (otu): Technically, a new shipping container is used one time. That's because all containers are made in China and then shipped here to North America.

One-time-use containers have made a trip on a container ship and as such, they have some minor scratches, dents, bumps and dings.

Cargo Worthy Shipping Containers (cw): Any container that isn't new or one-time-use is technically, considered to be Cargo Worthy but the most common Cargo Worthy containers are between 8-14 years old and have been rigously used and abused during this time. Expect a cargo worthy shipping container to be visually ugly but functionally sound. This means they have great doors, floors, walls and ceilings. There should be no protrusions and the container should have the ability to be fully sealed with less that 15% total rust coverage.

Wind and Water Tight Shipping Containers (wwt): As a shipping container ages and reaches the end of it's life as an international transport device, it becomes degraded to wwt status. This means that while it's still able to be completely sealed, it has been rejected by a certified marine inspector to be renewed as an international transport device and is no longer marine worthy.