Shipping Container Financing

We make shipping container financing fast, easy and affordable!

Get yours for as little as $100 per month!

Are you tired of paying huge self-storage fees? Own your container through financing and get lower monthly payments + an physical asset.

Stlbx now provides home and business owners with flexible terms and low monthly payments for new 20' and 40' shipping containers. We make it fast, easy and approval takes less than 24 hours. 

Why rent when you can own for as little as $99 per month? 

Fun fact: Shipping containers used as stationary storage devices depreciate at a rate less than 2% per year. Considering inflation is currently at 3.4% and the depreciable capital cost allowance for shipping containers is 20% (class 8) for businesses in Canada, that 21.4% swing puts shipping containers in a unique investment class.

Start saving money and turn your liabilities into assets today. 

Finance your shipping container with Stlbx. 



8' x 20' Shipping Container Financing

Container Financing Cost Calculations

Using the current borrowing rates, here is what you can expect to pay per month to finance a new 20' shipping container with a retail sale price of $4700.

48 months / $135 per month
36 month / $165 per month
24 months / $230 per month

Taking the finance route, you own a tangible asset, get great tax incentives (20% depreciable asset) and you will likely be able sell it for 80%+ of what you paid in 3-7 years.

If you are looking or already paying for long term storage, this could be your best option and we can help.

Let's get you started today!

Finance a container

8' x 20' Shipping Container

Container Rental Cost Calculations

Monthly rental of a 20' container is currently $150 but we reward loyal customers in a big way.

Here is what you can expect to pay over 3, 6 and 12 month intervals when you rent with Stlbx.

  • 3 month rental
    $450 total rent (3x150)
    $400 pickup and delivery
    Total before tax =$850
    Monthly average = $283.30

  • 6 month rental
    $900 total rent (6x150)
    $200 delivery (free pickup)
    Total before tax = $1100
    Monthly average = $183.30

  • 12 month rental
    (first month free)
    $1650 total rent (1 month free)
    Free delivery and pickup
    Total before tax = $1650
    Monthly average = $137.50

If you are looking for short term storage, renting a 20' container might be your best option and we can help you with that.

(no hidden service fees or admin surcharges)
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