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Welcome to Stlbx

We make buying shipping containers in Canada safe, fast, easy and affordable.

Buying shipping containers can be difficult. We understand that it's hard to tell a real ad from a shipping container scam and even harder to find a reliable company the replies to phone calls, answers emails and follows through on what they promise.

Welcome to Stlbx. We started out in Victoria, BC and are excited to bring our small town charm and professional service you can trust to your town.

Find us in Kamloops, Coombs, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, Gatineau, Montreal, Toronto and of course, in Victoria.

Seacan Scam Protection

So how can you tell the difference between a scam and a real shipping container ad? Give us a call and come see your container in person. We don't ask for deposits and will never tell you send us an e-transfer before the container is landed at your site.

Fast & Friendly Delivery

Our customers are blown away when we tell them we can deliver within 24 hours for most of our products. Order today, have your container delivered tomorrow and pay when it arrives.

No Deposits, Be Protected By Visa & Mastercard.

We are so dedicated to protecting our customers that we absorbed over $30,000 in visa and mastercard transaction fees in 2023. With Stlbx, we believe that protecting our customers from container scams is just the cost of doing business.

Order online & save $100!

Each of our locations has a promo code they can give you to SAVE $100. All you have to do is go check out your container in person and ask for $100 off. :)

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Victoria, BC

Visit the official page for Victoria Shipping Containers Inc. on Stlbx or give us a call at 778-403-3990.

Coombs, BC

Check out the latest shipping container inventory at Stlbx in Coombs or give us a call at 250-999-0093

Kamloops, BC

View our up-to-date inventory in Kamloops, BC or give us a call at 250-999-0093.

Ottawa, Ontario

Visit Stlbx in Ottawa to see our most recent inventory updates and pricing or give us a call at 613-800-6656

Gatineau, QC

View our latest inventory updates and pricing for Gatineau, QC or give us a call at 819-414-3313