20-Foot Shipping Container Dimensions

20-Foot Shipping Container Dimensions

20-foot standard height shipping containers are the most commonly used international transport device in the world. Measuring at a width of 8' wide, 8'6" tall and 20' long, these containers are great for home storage, business storage, keeping tools and equipment secure on job sites and are commonly used for building portable office structures that can be easily transported from location to location. 

20 Foot Standard Height Shipping Containers

The most common shipping container on the planet is the 20' standard height shipping container. Measuring at 20 feet long x 8' wide and 8'6" tall, these containers can be found seemingly everywhere and are most commonly used to transport heavier objects on shipping lines. From an end use or modification perspective, these containers are easily transported via flat deck truck or trailer and are commonly used to build offices, man caves, she sheds or home storage.

20-foot shipping container FAQ's

Q - Is a 20-foot shipping container big enough to move my household goods?
A - Generally speaking, a 20-foot shipping container is large enough to store the equivalent of a 1-2 bedroom apartment worth of household goods. 

Q - Are new/one-time-use 20-foot shipping containers certified for international marine transport? 
A - Yes, a new or one-time-use shipping container that was manufactured within the past two years and has not been significantly damaged will have an active marine certification certificate. 

Q - How long will a 20' shipping container last? 
A - 20' shipping containers are designed to last up to 20 years as international transport devices that are lifted, loaded, bumped, scratched and dented over and over as they travel back and forth across the ocean. When used as a storage device on dry land, this time is expected to increase drastically as they simply don't endure the same punishment. As time passes, it is expected that the door seals will require replacing in 20-30 years.  

Q - Where can I buy 20-foot shipping containers? 
A - If you are looking for 20-foot shipping containers in Victoria, BC or Ottawa, Ontario, you can buy them right here at stlbx.ca. To purchase shipping containers outside these areas, please call us to place an order. We have inventory at every major shipping port and depot in North America and look forward to helping. 

20 Foot Standard Height Container Stats

Cubic Volume: 1,169 Cubic Feet
Empty Weight: 5103 lbs
Load Capacity: 62082 lbs

Exterior Dimensions
Length: 20ft
Width: 8ft
Height: 8'6" 

Interior Dimensions
Length: 19'4" 
Width: 7'7" 
Height: 8'10" 


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