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The most convenient storage ever.

Storage is big business and we know there are other companies to choose from. That’s why our goal and core focus is always to figure out this question: How can we make things better for the customer?

Better is fast.
Better is affordable.
Better is great service.
Better is delivered to you.
Better is easy. 

We make local moving and storage fast, easy and affordable by working smarter, not harder. Here is how we do it.

    How StlBx Storage Works

      How StlBx storage in Victoria, BC works
      1. WE DELIVER a fresh, 20′ long x 8′ wide x 8’6″ tall steel shipping container that is clean, dry and ultra-secure directly to your location.
      2. You fill it with your stuff.
      3. We transport it directly to:
        a. Your new location and unload what you want and then…
        b. We transport whatever is left in it to our safe and secure self storage facility
        c. Or we send it straight to our safe and self secure storage facility
      4. We create a login for you on our easy app and text you the password. This grants access to your unit via bluetooth as well as physical key.
      5. Select your membership.
        a) StlBx Premier / Drop off, pick up and insurance are included along with remote bluetooth access 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and a dedicated camera and saved video history so you can keep an eye on your stuff.
        b) StlBx Flex / text, call or email us with 24 hours notice and our team will bring your container down to the front loading zone for ultra-convenient access.
        c) StlBx Biz Box /  The StlBx Biz Box is half storage unit, half office.



      A safe environment for buying containers.

      The StlBx team is dedicated to helping you avoid shipping container scams.

      We’ve all heard about the endless amounts of shipping containers scams on Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji and other classified ad sites. It’s huge problem for our industry and for our business. There isn’t a lot that local enforcement can do to help because most container scams originate from out of the country and they ask for a deposit via e-transfer to an email address that can’t be traced. To make things worse, these criminals are exceptionally good at what they do and often support their claims of offering extremely low pricing with websites that look legitimate.


      The goal of the scam is to get your deposit. Here is how they do it.

      1. The scammer creates a fake Facebook account.
      2. He or she posts fake ads boasting incredible (too good to be true) prices for shipping containers on Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji or other online classified spaces.
      3. The customer inquires about the ad.
      4. The scammer says they are selling fast or they have someone else who. interested to add pressure on the buyer.
      5. The scammer sends fake pictures, provides a fake address and offers a 1-800 number as well as the link to a legitimate-looking website.
      6. The scammer offers a delivery price and then sends a professional-looking invoice asking for a deposit.
      7. The invoice is sent from an email that usually doesn’t match the url of the website associated with the so called business and requests a deposit of $500 or more to be sent via e-transfer to an illegitimate, non-business email address.
      8. Scammer disappears with the money.

      The best way you can protect yourself is by not sending e-transfers that can’t be traced back to the business. That’s why we offer our customers the convenience and flexibility of credit card payments, EFT wires and traceable e-transfers sent directly to a registered and verified business email address. In the event that something were to go wrong, our customers are fully protected by banks and their credit card providers.


      We make buying shipping containers fast, efficient, and extremely easy.

      1. Pick your city
      2. Find your shipping container
      3. Pick your delivery preference
      4. Get your instant quote
      5. Place your order



      We guarantee the quality of your shipping container. All of our vendors are vetted and follow our specific guidelines that include 3rd party inspection reports, photos, container history and, even videos.

      In order to be listed on STLBX, minimum container requirements are that they must be:

      • 3rd party inspected
      • structurally sound
      • wind and watertight (WWT) or better
      • rodent-proof
      • have solid floors
      • working seals
      • doors that open and close with relative ease.

      Price & Payment

      Price: We focus on keeping the best balance of low cost, great quality, and honest communication.

      Payment: We offer the best payment technologies available including credit cards, secured e-transfers, wire payments, crypto payment, and most importantly, we make it easy.

      Direct from the ports and manufacturers to you!

      Looking to skip the middleman? We buy direct and that means we’re bringing you the best prices, the biggest inventory and a consistent service you can rely on. 

      Really Fast Delivery.

      Order your container today and have it delivered tomorrow. Some of our locations even offer same-day delivery and soon they all will. 

      Your reviews matter to us.

      Service and convenience are everything to us and we always ask our customers how we did. 

      Highly Recommended

      We purchased a 20ft Sea can through Sean via the Acheson outlet near Edmonton. I am very happy with the service, communication, and delivery of the can. Highly recommended.

      Lorne H.

      Happy customer in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

      Great Service Overall!

      The staff was friendly and helpful in trying to figure out what worked best for me. Sean was quick to reply to my questions and was patient even though I kept moving the goal post on him in terms of my needs. Great service overall!

      Anthony W.

      New 40′ High Cube in Vancouver, BC, Canada

      The pricing was fair.

      The staff was friendly and the pricing was fair. I look forward to doing business in the future.

      Richard H.

      New 20′ Standard Height Shipping Container in Victoria, BC.

      We love answering questions and providing free, no hassle quotes. 

      Please don’t hesitate to reach out. We look forward to helping. 

      Find The Perfect Seacan
      Wherever You Go

      We’re based in Canada but we own or have access to new and used containers all over the earth. Give us a call, shoot us a text or send us an email today and we’ll connect you with great shipping containers anywhere.